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Your employees are the lifeblood of your organisation. Having the correct people in optimal roles; developing them and keeping them motivated; aligning them with your corporate mission and providing them with progression and growth opportunities; developing leaders who will keep the company moving forward in the required direction; creating an environment that fosters excellent communication, teamwork and high staff retention levels:  these are the challenges of today’s executive.

After a tough decade for UK industry, many companies have reached the end of their potential efficiency savings. The constant battle to achieve the same with less has often led to a stressed-out workforce, while still not achieving the required process improvements. There are many outstanding issues in areas such as leadership development, inclusion, communication and stress management. Addressing these issues within your employee base can have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

Our focus is not on efficiency,  but on productivity – the ability to do more with the same. To achieve this, we work on on the areas that have the greatest impact; organisational development, staff development, and stress management.

Our methods are different. Built around psychology and actual corporate management experience as well as traditional management training methods, we focus on identity leadership: building and reinforcing the identities of your managers of leaders, the identities of your functions and groups as high performing teams, and the identities of your staff members as individuals and employees.

Our function is twofold: to increase the profitability of your company, and the well-being of your staff. We can help to identify conflicts and process issues within the organisation; improve motivation and confidence and reduce stress,  and develop leadership and teamwork abilities of your employees.

All our training is designed to be interactive; rather than overwhelming your participants with information, we build in time for them to ask questions and really engage with the material, so they can apply it to their own personal situations and address it directly to their challenges and goals.