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Good leadership is required for businesses of every description – from the smallest start-up to the biggest multinational corporation.

At Director level and above, executives are often faced with the challenge of needing to switch their focus to strategy, while issues at an operational level force them to spend too much time focusing on day-to-day management.

Across companies, people are promoted into management or supervisory roles due to a high degree of ability in their main field – often without being given any training in this new skill set. This can lead to high levels of stress, and reduce their ability to deliver to desired targets.

On leaving employment and starting their own business, entrepreneurs are frequently faced with the task of trying to build a team to support them, something that they may never have done before, while remaining focused on their own core skills.

To meet the different leadership needs of our various clients, we offer three standard programmes, each targeted to a specific audience.

i-LEAD for Executives

This is a two-day workshop with a maximum of 10 delegates. The focus throughout is in developing your abilities as an executive to shape the company culture to deliver your vision and mission; to lead effortlessly and skillfully through challenges and opportunities; and to align your workforce with your goals in a way that increases productivity, well-being and staff retention. With exercises, case studies and open discussion at all sections of the course, you will leave with a truly enhanced level of leadership ability that can transform the results you can achieve.


    • Identity Leadership for Executives
    • Effortless Leadership
    • Developing Resilience
    • Stress Reduction
    • Becoming a cultural architect
    • Creating an inclusive environment
    • Motivation and inspiration
    • Optimising company-wide communication
    • Understanding your people
    • Engineering a highly productive organisation
    • Virtual board


To hone leadership abilities to produce truly exceptional leaders. To create executives who can steer their companies in the required direction, raise productivity, improve the working environment, and meet the challenges of today’s environment.


C-Suite Level Executives

Workshops are delivered in Wolverhampton, London or Aberdeen.

i-LEAD for Managers

Our interactive, one-day workshops combine psychology and traditional leadership and management training to deliver maximum impact in minimum timescale, and give your employees a new level of confidence in their ability to lead their direct reports in alignment with company vision and mission. This course is specifically designed to cover a wide range of the skills needed for successful leadership, in order to give your delegates as broad a view as possible of knowledge, skills and areas of development that will make the greatest improvement to their leadership abilities.


      • Being a Leader
      • Turning Strategy into Operations
      • Building an Inclusive Culture
      • Motivation, Inspiration and Development
      • The Impact of Communication
      • The Critical Role of Human Responses


To define and develop the qualities that make outstanding leaders. To help delegates understand the interaction of leadership style, development of a healthy group environment, and productivity and wellbeing of staff. To teach advanced leadership, motivational and communication behaviours that will enhance relationships with peers and direct reports.


VPs, Directors, Operations Managers, Area Managers, Functional Leads, HR Professionals: anyone with an interest in developing their leadership skills and creating a more positive and productive environment.

Workshops can be delivered at your premises, or your delegates can join open workshops which are normally delivered in Wolverhampton, London and Aberdeen.

i-LEAD for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Community Groups

This interactive, one-day workshop tailors our leadership training to those working outside the standard big company structure. Combining skills from psychology and traditional leadership and management training, it’s designed to give you the confidence in yourself as a leader, along with the ability to set a plan strategically and to bring others on board with your goals and vision. This course covers a wide range of the skills needed to successfully lead in your business, and is suitable for those with little or no prior leadership experience, anyone wanting to improve their confidence and the way they present themselves to others, and those wanting to improve and formalise their existing leadership abilities.


    • Being the Leader
    • Strategic Planning
    • Owning your Business Culture
    • Motivating your Staff
    • Creating Healthy Communication
    • Understanding Human Responses


To introduce leadership skills to those responsible for running a small business or organisation. To build leadership characteristics, confidence and authority. To develop the ability to create a business culture and communication strategy. To teach motivation skills and increase understanding of human behaviour.


Entrepreneurs, small business owners, CIC and charity leaders, community leaders.

Workshops are delivered in Wolverhampton, London and Aberdeen, and can be arranged in other locations across the UK according to demand.

If you’re interested in attending or sending to delegates to any of our courses, or would like to arrange an in-house course, please use the Contact form to let us know your query or requirements.