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Leadership Team Development

A strong LT is vital to productivity, strategy and growth. Optimally working together, they can transform your results. By supporting your leaders to deliver their very best, you place them in the best position to make use of their knowledge and skills to give you the edge you need and keep you ahead of the market. Our signature leadership programme is designed to align your leaders as one team, with collaborative working processes and a strong vision and mission to drive your company forward.


Information-gathering session with LT members.

Each team member is given a 30 minute one-to-one session prior to the workshop, in order to raise specific issues, present challenges, and frame discussions which will be of maximum benefit during the workshop.

Three day workshop:

Strategic Leadership
Personal Impact
Open Conversation
Empowering Teams
Working within Company Culture

Workshops are highly interactive, and will address any issues and challenges raised by delegates during information-gathering.

Follow-up session with LT members

Final one-to-one session for all delegates to seek further clarification following application of learning.


Team evaluation

Meetings with teams/direct reports and capture/analysis of findings.  This will be provided back to the company/executive and can feed into a 360 evaluation, providing an overview of strengths and weaknesses and provide a target for future development.

Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan can be developed for each team member, designed to align with the company’s targets and vision.


Executive mentoring can be provided on a group or one-to-one basis.

Follow-up Workshop

A final one day workshop will be delivered onsite to all delegates, and during this progress will be measured, any questions answered and KPIs assessed.

Standalone Programmes

Standalone workshops on specific aspects of leadership and management can be provided as required.